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It was raining. Not sprinkling, raining. Caitlin calls me, she is on her way.  Most photographers would have canceled days before when they saw there was a chance of rain. Most clients would have canceled when they got in their car and saw rain. Apparently we are not like most people. I have this thing about canceling and making things work. It comes out when I am loading up the dishwasher and it is admittedly full but I still have dishes in the sink. What do I do? Make them fit.  Determination. Caitlin has it also.

The all time trooper of the year award goes to Caitlin and Jacob. Here is this lovely little family all dolled up out in the not so nice weather following me into a muddy field while the rain goes in and out. Oh and did I mention I looked a little like the cat lady, with my over-sized orange tote bag, sneakers and long trench coat, complete with a mismatched scarf.  Yet they followed me full of trust, smiles, laughter and a great attitude.

Both children were amazing. Ella is 2 years old and sweet little Dean is 8 months. Ella is a doll. Seriously–a doll. I wanted to take her home and adopt her as Eden’s not so twin sister. Dean has these huge bright eyes that light up and sparkle when he smiles. No joke, they literally sparkle, I swear I saw little fairies dancing around in them. Gorgeous.










I can just see her little wheels turning…..Dad, what are you doing to Mom?










I love this one. Her tiny hand under his chin.




Why don’t double chins look amazing on adults also?












I cannot handle her cuteness.








Do you see the little faires?







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One year anniversary just came and went for Bryce and Holly. Married for one year.

Bryce and I are cousins….sort of.  Second once removed…..or maybe it is first cousins, once removed. I have no idea. All I know is that since I can remember Bryce has been part of my family. A few years back he told me about a girl he was interested in, (I bet you can’t guess what her name was)–Holly. They were just friends at the time but he had plans. Around a year after that he brought his “special friend” over to my parents house. Within minutes of talking to her I learned that she grew up on an Almond Farm and then she proceeded to make fun of herself. This was when I knew I liked her. Holly is  sweet, humble, smart and funny. She has this light demeanor about herself that lends easy to laughter and puts people around her at ease. Old people adore her  and children flock to her (mine especially). When she left our house that day my sister and I exchanged some form of all-knowing comment about how we had just met Bryce’s future wife. Thankfully, we were right.

Since Will and I moved up to Sacramento we have gotten to spend more time with Bryce and Holly. All of my suspicions about how amazing Holly is were true (Bryce: we already knew you were amazing, hence the emphasis on your lovely wife). I am pretty sure that Eden wants to be on some kind of long term loan to Holly. She ADORES her. Shooting them was so much fun and apparently I can now add “model” to the list of things that these two are good at. No joke. Models.


Ummm seriously? This was like the second photograph I took.

Who starts a session looking that amazing? They do.







I can’t handle this. So sweet.











Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.



How do you not just love this couple?!?


I almost died when he pulled out this look.  Apparently my cuz is all GQ.






Look at you two. So stinking hot.


You can take the almond out of the farm but you can’t take the girl out of the almond.

🙂 Yes I know, perfect logic.














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Eden is two

October 11, 2010

Eden turned 2 yrs old on October 2nd.

My memories of her birth are scattered. I remember the first thing I learned about her was her hair color. The doctor announced it as she was coming out. I remember what a good little nurser she was in the hospital. This girl came out hungry and just knew what to do. I remember taking her home from the hospital. She had a huge diaper explosion the second we got in the car and I remember wondering if the hospital would consider taking her back. What?!? Not permanently, just temporarily until they had cleaned her up. I didn’t get my wish. She was mine at that point. No going back.

Eden is a little girl after my own heart. Over the last two years I have watched her little personality emerge. She is full of joy, delight and a lover of all things beautiful. She is just perfect.
































My little weirdos

October 11, 2010



Kourtnee + Ian, Antelope

September 28, 2010

I have known Kourtnee since I was twelve. I have known Ian since last Sunday. So you could say that the cards were stacked against him. But seriously, he is amazing. Ian is kind, gentle, smart and treats Kourtnee like a Queen. He just has this vibe about him that makes little children and random animals like him. So naturally, I immediately loved him.

Kourtnee wanted one more hang out night before she flew back to Hawaii were she lives and works. So I threw out the idea of a mini shoot of the two love birds. I was super excited that she was game. I have secretly wanted to photograph Kourtnee ever since we were 12. Okay, I didn’t know in Jr. High what a shutter speed was or how to work a fancy camera….but the artist in me wanted to capture her beauty. She fell right into my trap. And as you can see, I was right. The camera loves her.

For more images of Kourtnee and Ian Click Here!

Kyle and Claire met in France. Love at first sight? Not exactly. They actually could not stand each other. This lasted about 2 hours and the rest….well these pictures tell a very different ending. They went on to date for 6 years before Kyle finally got up the nerve to tie the knot. Claire is strong and in control, she was the calmest bride I have ever encountered. Kyle is laid back and one huge goof. They are perfect for each other.

The wedding and reception was at a gorgeous venue in Lodi called Wine and Roses. I had so much fun second shooting for this wedding. Doug Miranda was the main photographer I shot with and he seriously is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He is very talented and I felt privileged to be able to capture so many beautiful moments on Kyle and Claire’s day with him.