Venice Beach Art Wall Shoot Out

April 3, 2010

This was my first shootout with LA Shoot this. These was taken at the Venice Beach Art Walls. It was a blast. Take a peek at some of my favorite shots of our amazing models!












3 Responses to “Venice Beach Art Wall Shoot Out”

  1. :: A very special thank you to the following for making this event happen :: LA Shoot This! 3.28.10 event – Event produced and organized by ::

    Models –
    Megan Bibbo – Lead Model, Lindsey Cloud, Kaylie Wilson, Alex Oakley, JK Delapp, Michael Barnes, Chelsea Tadros, Tiffanie Cheng and Mera Zero.

    Hair and Makeup Artists –
    Michelle Cheng – Hair and Makeup Up Artist
    Shirley Vazquez – Makeup Artist
    Frank Chen – Hair and Makeup Artist

    Jewelry Provided by –

  2. Child of Wonder Says:

    r u kidding? this shot is insaaane!

  3. Sarah Maizland Says:

    Oh Tasha, my ever faithful fan šŸ™‚

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