Ali + Tim’s Birthday Bash–Found Vintage Rentals, Fullerton Ca

May 25, 2010

No one does parties like the Howells.  Alli is one of those people who thinks to herself: I want to make a chocolate pie….first I will plant a coco tree in my garden (does coco even come from trees?), harvest the coco powder and then milk a cow, make butter, buy a chicken that will lay some eggs. Ok– I exaggerate. But so far I am aware of them making bacon…*yes–making*, vanilla extract and brewing beer. The list goes on. So you can imagine what kind of a party someone like Allison throws. Um…amazing ones.  When I throw a party I think to myself: what would Alli do? Then I attempt some amazing Martha Stewart feet and…fail. Usually the night ends with me in tears and some grandiose plan that has crashed and burned with a husband who I owe many apologies to: “I am sorry for….throwing the measuring cup at you….. not listening to you when you told me that 4 desserts was more than enough….ordering you around like Hitler PMS-ing.” I could go on but you get the point.

For Alli’s sisters 30th birthday party she got together with Jen who owns a vintage rental furniture company called Found and collectively they made an un-forgettable display on her front lawn. It was a French theme (Oh yes–all of Alli’s parties are themed)….she had home made french fries (there was boiling oil in a pot on their front lawn frying potato strips–fire extinguisher close at hand) to a menu all in French and a live band. Every detail perfectly executed.  As always the party was a huge success. Here are a few of my favorite pictures…….


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