Torrie + Matt, Wedding, San Juan Capistrano Mission

June 12, 2010

“We met at church 4 years ago….” she simply replies to my question of what their story was. That simple. That was it–they just knew. Matt is very quiet but straightforward–in Torrie’s words “he marches to the beat of his own drum”. And she loves him for it. Torrie is bubbly and sensitive–full of life and passion and she has this way about her that puts people at ease. They make a perfect match. Their ceremony and vows radiated and spoke of a love that is not of this world–Christ’s love. It was beautiful. I was so excited when I realized that my first real wedding was of a couple that knew Christ and wanted a ceremony that gave Him glory. Right before Torrie and her Dad walked out to a field full of people who loved them, I started to cry. She jokingly asked me how many times I had done this (thank the Lord it was a rhetorical question!). I hope that I never loose that though–no matter how many weddings I do. The ability to feel things deeply that are meant to be felt deeply. Things that are serious, whimsical, beautiful and somber all at the same time.

This wedding technically was not mine. I tagged along as a third shooter for a photographer who really didn’t need me there.  But to  Torrie and Matt I was one of her photographers–treated equal by her, to these greats that I was shooting along side. She lavished me with praise and had full confidence in me. Torrie will never read this. Out of respect for the main photographer I let her believe that we were all one. But I know I was her favorite :)–what!?! I totally was. Regardless, I am going to pretend that she will. Torrie and Matt: Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing precious moments with me and letting me into one of the most sacred days of your life. I didn’t just take away pictures for my portfolio….I took away an experience of real love. Real commitment. It was a perfect start this new chapter of my life.


































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