Charity + Tim, Wedding, Medford Oregon

June 22, 2010

“I walked into my philosophy class at Talbot and immediately saw him sitting there; this cute, tall, red-head”.  That was it for Charity. The girl that guys have swooned over for years was finally swooned herself–I can personally attest to this. I have known Charity for 10 years and I have seen the countless (literally–I actually cannot count them) men pursue her, heard stories and laughed at them (I know its mean….but we did!).  But Tim got her. Her first  boyfriend, her first love. I remember her telling me once that if a guy could make her laugh it was all over. She was in her own words a “humor slut” (yes Charity you said it…..I posted it for the world to read). If there is one thing that Charity and Tim do and do well together it is laugh. I am not sure if I have ever been around Tim for more than 5 minutes without seeing him draw my mature, sophisticated friend into a childish game that results in both of them loosing complete control, breathless laughter…and very possibly some other substance like water, food….whatever is available for the provoking.

I was not sure at first about shooting this wedding……because I was in it. Yes–in it. As in, I am a bridesmaid and the photographer. Thankfully, Charity had two other friends, Brad Cate and Melissa Cate who were also willing to shoot the wedding and be there especially when I was busy with bridesmaid duties. They both are amazing artists and I adore each of them;together we pulled it off. This was my second wedding and I am so excited about the images I got. Granted, it is hard to take a bad picture of these two but still….I am taking full credit.

Charity, thank you for believing in me enough to place your one and only wedding day in my hands. I love you both and I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them!


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