Kourtnee + Ian, Antelope

September 28, 2010

I have known Kourtnee since I was twelve. I have known Ian since last Sunday. So you could say that the cards were stacked against him. But seriously, he is amazing. Ian is kind, gentle, smart and treats Kourtnee like a Queen. He just has this vibe about him that makes little children and random animals like him. So naturally, I immediately loved him.

Kourtnee wanted one more hang out night before she flew back to Hawaii were she lives and works. So I threw out the idea of a mini shoot of the two love birds. I was super excited that she was game. I have secretly wanted to photograph Kourtnee ever since we were 12. Okay, I didn’t know in Jr. High what a shutter speed was or how to work a fancy camera….but the artist in me wanted to capture her beauty. She fell right into my trap. And as you can see, I was right. The camera loves her.

For more images of Kourtnee and Ian Click Here!


One Response to “Kourtnee + Ian, Antelope”

  1. sarah Whelan Says:

    WOW!!!! These pictures are fabulous. I do want to order some how do I go about getting them.

    Sarah Whelan

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