Eden is two

October 11, 2010

Eden turned 2 yrs old on October 2nd.

My memories of her birth are scattered. I remember the first thing I learned about her was her hair color. The doctor announced it as she was coming out. I remember what a good little nurser she was in the hospital. This girl came out hungry and just knew what to do. I remember taking her home from the hospital. She had a huge diaper explosion the second we got in the car and I remember wondering if the hospital would consider taking her back. What?!? Not permanently, just temporarily until they had cleaned her up. I didn’t get my wish. She was mine at that point. No going back.

Eden is a little girl after my own heart. Over the last two years I have watched her little personality emerge. She is full of joy, delight and a lover of all things beautiful. She is just perfect.

































One Response to “Eden is two”

  1. Mey Istomin Says:

    Eden looks SO happy on her birthday pics! Just amazing how much joy it brought her. And Elijah is so grown up ;o)

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