Bryce + Holly, Lovers, Roseville & Old Lincoln

November 14, 2010

One year anniversary just came and went for Bryce and Holly. Married for one year.

Bryce and I are cousins….sort of.  Second once removed…..or maybe it is first cousins, once removed. I have no idea. All I know is that since I can remember Bryce has been part of my family. A few years back he told me about a girl he was interested in, (I bet you can’t guess what her name was)–Holly. They were just friends at the time but he had plans. Around a year after that he brought his “special friend” over to my parents house. Within minutes of talking to her I learned that she grew up on an Almond Farm and then she proceeded to make fun of herself. This was when I knew I liked her. Holly is  sweet, humble, smart and funny. She has this light demeanor about herself that lends easy to laughter and puts people around her at ease. Old people adore her  and children flock to her (mine especially). When she left our house that day my sister and I exchanged some form of all-knowing comment about how we had just met Bryce’s future wife. Thankfully, we were right.

Since Will and I moved up to Sacramento we have gotten to spend more time with Bryce and Holly. All of my suspicions about how amazing Holly is were true (Bryce: we already knew you were amazing, hence the emphasis on your lovely wife). I am pretty sure that Eden wants to be on some kind of long term loan to Holly. She ADORES her. Shooting them was so much fun and apparently I can now add “model” to the list of things that these two are good at. No joke. Models.


Ummm seriously? This was like the second photograph I took.

Who starts a session looking that amazing? They do.







I can’t handle this. So sweet.











Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.



How do you not just love this couple?!?


I almost died when he pulled out this look.  Apparently my cuz is all GQ.






Look at you two. So stinking hot.


You can take the almond out of the farm but you can’t take the girl out of the almond.

🙂 Yes I know, perfect logic.














Click Here for more images from Bryce and Holly’s shoot, or to purchase prints.

For more information on sessions go to:














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