One year anniversary just came and went for Bryce and Holly. Married for one year.

Bryce and I are cousins….sort of.  Second once removed…..or maybe it is first cousins, once removed. I have no idea. All I know is that since I can remember Bryce has been part of my family. A few years back he told me about a girl he was interested in, (I bet you can’t guess what her name was)–Holly. They were just friends at the time but he had plans. Around a year after that he brought his “special friend” over to my parents house. Within minutes of talking to her I learned that she grew up on an Almond Farm and then she proceeded to make fun of herself. This was when I knew I liked her. Holly is  sweet, humble, smart and funny. She has this light demeanor about herself that lends easy to laughter and puts people around her at ease. Old people adore her  and children flock to her (mine especially). When she left our house that day my sister and I exchanged some form of all-knowing comment about how we had just met Bryce’s future wife. Thankfully, we were right.

Since Will and I moved up to Sacramento we have gotten to spend more time with Bryce and Holly. All of my suspicions about how amazing Holly is were true (Bryce: we already knew you were amazing, hence the emphasis on your lovely wife). I am pretty sure that Eden wants to be on some kind of long term loan to Holly. She ADORES her. Shooting them was so much fun and apparently I can now add “model” to the list of things that these two are good at. No joke. Models.


Ummm seriously? This was like the second photograph I took.

Who starts a session looking that amazing? They do.







I can’t handle this. So sweet.











Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.



How do you not just love this couple?!?


I almost died when he pulled out this look.  Apparently my cuz is all GQ.






Look at you two. So stinking hot.


You can take the almond out of the farm but you can’t take the girl out of the almond.

🙂 Yes I know, perfect logic.














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Kourtnee + Ian, Antelope

September 28, 2010

I have known Kourtnee since I was twelve. I have known Ian since last Sunday. So you could say that the cards were stacked against him. But seriously, he is amazing. Ian is kind, gentle, smart and treats Kourtnee like a Queen. He just has this vibe about him that makes little children and random animals like him. So naturally, I immediately loved him.

Kourtnee wanted one more hang out night before she flew back to Hawaii were she lives and works. So I threw out the idea of a mini shoot of the two love birds. I was super excited that she was game. I have secretly wanted to photograph Kourtnee ever since we were 12. Okay, I didn’t know in Jr. High what a shutter speed was or how to work a fancy camera….but the artist in me wanted to capture her beauty. She fell right into my trap. And as you can see, I was right. The camera loves her.

For more images of Kourtnee and Ian Click Here!

This was a shootout that I attended the night before escalate….the afternoon of a work tradeshow….oh yes and the same week as the Style Lab.  Needless to say I did not have it in me to stay for the whole thing. But I showed up and got some great shots of some amazing models for about an hour before I retired to a bowel of ice cream and a chick flick with my hubby.

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Andrea and Daniel are pros. Literally Pros. Pro Paintballers to be exact. They traveled the world together on their sponsor’s dime doing what they love. Paintball.  “What happened next!”, you ask? Surprise, surprise, they fell in love. When I first met Andrea and Daniel at the pier in Huntington Beach one of the first things that stood out to me was their height difference. It was adorable. Here is this super athletic woman who was half her partners size. They were so relaxed around each other and clearly at home. It was a refreshing and energizing afternoon.

I am so excited for both of you and your up and coming marriage!

The first picture I saw of Paul he was wearing makeup. Lots of eye makeup. Paul was Mr. Darcy in a Biola re-make of Pride and Prejudice. Charity was Elizabeth. I have known Charity for about ten years. She is amazing in every way. Charity is one of the most loyal, kind and self-sacrificing people I have ever encountered. She is fun loving and has a lightness about her that draws people to her. When she first told me about Paul it was classic. She mentions casually that she thinks she has a crush on this guy named “Paul” who she had known for awhile and done this play with. I was not totally sure what I thought about this Paul character. Did he deserve Charity? I mean, come on–this is Charity! Then I met him. We did a double date out to B.J’s and both Will and I feel in love with him. He was this super outgoing, red head who shared some errie similarites with my husband….same taste in music, movie, humor, a mutual love of beer and all things sushi.

So it was no surprise to me when Paul filled me in on his plans to propose to my dear friend. I was ecstatic for them.




























I have amazing friends. Seriously, they are the best for millions of reasons. One thing that I adore in them is their un-wavering confidence in me.  I have realized over the years that when it comes to my art I need a small handful of cheerleaders. People who believe in me and my ability to create something beautiful. Julie is one of these people. She is probably the most picky person when it comes to…..well everything–but she chose my paintings to decorate her apartment with.  There is just this assumption that she carries into all of our discussions about things that I create that says: I know, you can do this.

Julie just got engaged. I have never shot an engagement before……before this one that is. The trust and utmost confidence that Julie gave to me by having me shoot her engagement spurs me on and makes me think that maybe I can do this whole photography thing. After taking hundreds of images of these two the one thing I did know with certainty was that they do not take a bad picture. They are born models. Seriously.