It was raining. Not sprinkling, raining. Caitlin calls me, she is on her way.  Most photographers would have canceled days before when they saw there was a chance of rain. Most clients would have canceled when they got in their car and saw rain. Apparently we are not like most people. I have this thing about canceling and making things work. It comes out when I am loading up the dishwasher and it is admittedly full but I still have dishes in the sink. What do I do? Make them fit.  Determination. Caitlin has it also.

The all time trooper of the year award goes to Caitlin and Jacob. Here is this lovely little family all dolled up out in the not so nice weather following me into a muddy field while the rain goes in and out. Oh and did I mention I looked a little like the cat lady, with my over-sized orange tote bag, sneakers and long trench coat, complete with a mismatched scarf.  Yet they followed me full of trust, smiles, laughter and a great attitude.

Both children were amazing. Ella is 2 years old and sweet little Dean is 8 months. Ella is a doll. Seriously–a doll. I wanted to take her home and adopt her as Eden’s not so twin sister. Dean has these huge bright eyes that light up and sparkle when he smiles. No joke, they literally sparkle, I swear I saw little fairies dancing around in them. Gorgeous.










I can just see her little wheels turning…..Dad, what are you doing to Mom?










I love this one. Her tiny hand under his chin.




Why don’t double chins look amazing on adults also?












I cannot handle her cuteness.








Do you see the little faires?







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Wendy and Tim adopted these two sweet little girls. They are sisters. I have so much respect and love for this sweet little family. I was thrilled to get to capture these children at Crystal Cove. Towards the end we did some “dress up” pictures where Lydia put on some of her mommies clothes. She is a beautiful little woman.














Jared, Julia and Tommy are Colleen’s children. I have worked with Colleen for about 4 years. It is a funny story because when I first started working there I don’t think she cared much for me. In fact, I drove her crazy. I was this loud, energetic newbie filled with questions. But over time I wore her down–waaaay down. She adores me now. We talk every day and share details about our professional and personal happenings. Colleen is super hard working, full of integrity, has a great sense of humor and the cutest kids. There is nothing more important to her than her children. I was thrilled to spend the better part of the day with them and capture who they are together.