Eden is two

October 11, 2010

Eden turned 2 yrs old on October 2nd.

My memories of her birth are scattered. I remember the first thing I learned about her was her hair color. The doctor announced it as she was coming out. I remember what a good little nurser she was in the hospital. This girl came out hungry and just knew what to do. I remember taking her home from the hospital. She had a huge diaper explosion the second we got in the car and I remember wondering if the hospital would consider taking her back. What?!? Not permanently, just temporarily until they had cleaned her up. I didn’t get my wish. She was mine at that point. No going back.

Eden is a little girl after my own heart. Over the last two years I have watched her little personality emerge. She is full of joy, delight and a lover of all things beautiful. She is just perfect.

































My little weirdos

October 11, 2010



No one does parties like the Howells.  Alli is one of those people who thinks to herself: I want to make a chocolate pie….first I will plant a coco tree in my garden (does coco even come from trees?), harvest the coco powder and then milk a cow, make butter, buy a chicken that will lay some eggs. Ok– I exaggerate. But so far I am aware of them making bacon…*yes–making*, vanilla extract and brewing beer. The list goes on. So you can imagine what kind of a party someone like Allison throws. Um…amazing ones.  When I throw a party I think to myself: what would Alli do? Then I attempt some amazing Martha Stewart feet and…fail. Usually the night ends with me in tears and some grandiose plan that has crashed and burned with a husband who I owe many apologies to: “I am sorry for….throwing the measuring cup at you….. not listening to you when you told me that 4 desserts was more than enough….ordering you around like Hitler PMS-ing.” I could go on but you get the point.

For Alli’s sisters 30th birthday party she got together with Jen who owns a vintage rental furniture company called Found and collectively they made an un-forgettable display on her front lawn. It was a French theme (Oh yes–all of Alli’s parties are themed)….she had home made french fries (there was boiling oil in a pot on their front lawn frying potato strips–fire extinguisher close at hand) to a menu all in French and a live band. Every detail perfectly executed.  As always the party was a huge success. Here are a few of my favorite pictures…….

My brother David is a fish. That kid has swam since Kindergarten. I can remember seeing a picture of this small boy wearing a blue speedo, two front teeth gone with a bunch of gold medals around his neck.  Not to anyone’s surprise, David at age 20 is still competing. I don’t think he does it for those gold medals anymore, but because he loves it now. I was so excited that one of his Sierra College Swim tournaments brought him and my Dad down to my neck of the woods here in southern california. I hopped at the chance to go see him and re-live my own glory days. Here are some of my favorites!













Oh and did I mention my sister was there also?